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Change Healthcare Rolls Out Software to Let Patients Book Healthcare Like Shopping for a Hotel Room

Change Healthcare has rolled out new software that makes booking and paying for healthcare services seem more like shopping online.

The Nashville-based health technology company collaborated with Microsoft and Adobe to launch the consumer health platform this week. It’s a consumer and financial engagement service for healthcare providers to offer patients a more streamlined, transparent experience to shop, book, and pay for medical services, the company said.

The technology is the result of a partnership the three companies announced in 2018 with the aim of making healthcare more consumer-friendly. The companies focused on building solutions to collect health information from multiple electronic sources, such as clinical, financial and administrative data.

The rise of consumerism in healthcare has patients seeking to evaluate their healthcare choices as they would any other product or service––by conducting online research, reading reviews, comparing prices, and engaging those who best fit their needs and budgets.

Bolting transactional features onto portals can’t provide the frictionless, end-to-end experience consumers want,” said Neil de Crescenzo, president and CEO of Change Healthcare, said in a statement.

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