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Not Meeting Your Health Insurance Deductible?

Not Meeting Your Health Insurance Deductible?

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Are you tired of paying monthly health insurance premiums, but still having to cough up a co-pay every time you visit a doctor's office? Is your health insurance merely a form of catastrophe insurance with a high deductible that will more than likely never be met? If your health insurance consists of a high monthly premium and a deductible that will not be met under usual circumstances, you are one of the millions of Americans who may be able to reap the benefits of a alternative health insurance plan.

Increasing Heazth Care Costs
The price of medical care and prescription drugs is increasing immensely with no end in sight. Just one trip to the ER can cost upwards of $1,000, a surgery can soar above $2,000, and a simple visit to your primary physician costs approximately $100. These amounts are in addition to monthly premium just to have the insurance in plans. Specialists visits can cost even more, and patients must be aware of which physicians are in-network to avoid additional out-of-pocket expenses. The labyrinth of health care costs and restrictions is difficult to comprehend.

Alternative Health Insurance
Many physicians are banding together to create alternative forms of health insurance. By skipping the restrictions of health insurance companies, physicians and specialists are able to spend more time consulting with patients, diagnosing illnesses, and creating long-lasting professional relationships. Without barriers regarding pre-approval and confusing deductibles, our alternative forms of health insurance plans cut down on the cost of health care for all patients and facilitate individualized care.

How Does It Work?
Similar to traditional insurance, IDID Health Insurance offers a variety of plans for patients to choose from that include different out-of-pocket maximums and deductible levels. Each visit has a reduced co-pay, which results in more affordable form of insurance. Through this program, patients are not limited to just one hospital or just one network. This alleviates the problem of finding adequate care from a preferred doctor that is in-network, which is often the case with big health care insurers. This operation method allows doctors to focus on their patients health and overall well-being in an affordable manner.

In conclusion, if you have had it with overpriced medical care that vastly restricts your access to care, then an IDID Health Insurance Plan may be ideal for you. While still getting the care you need, you can reap the benefits of reduced health care costs and quality care.

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