Marian Shaw, MD

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  • Practice Name: Velocity Clinical Research - Boise

  • Specialty: Family Medicine

  • Address: 2950 E. Magic View Dr. #182

  • City / Zip: Meridian, ID 83642

Practice Location


2950 E. Magic View Dr. #182

Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 377-8653

Physician Biography

Marian E. Shaw, M.D., began her secondary education at Austin College of Sherman, Texas, and received her Doctor of Medicine degree from University of Texas. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonology. Dr. Shaw is currently an Investigator for Velocity Clinical Research, Boise of Meridian, Idaho, where she has overseen studies involving influenza, attention deficient/hyperactivity disorder, chronic idiopathic constipation, rheumatoid arthritis, bone mineral density, Alzheimer’s disease, symptomatic gout and elevated blood uric acid, rheumatoid arthritis, polycystic ovary syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, and migraine.