Jon L. Hlavinka, MD

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  • Practice Name: Center for Lifetime Health

  • Specialty: Family Medicine

  • Address: 300 E. Bannock St.

  • City / Zip: Boise, ID 83712

Practice Locations


300 E. Bannock St.

Boise, ID 83712

(208) 342-7400

Garden City

5865 W. Hidden Springs Dr.

Garden City, ID 83714

(208) 342-7400

Physician Biography

Dr. Jon Hlavinka was raised in North Dakota and from a young age enjoyed the outdoors. As far back as Dr. Hlavinka can remember, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a Family Physician. He continued his medical education at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and then onto his residency training in Spokane Washington. Dr. Hlavinka has always dreamed of living in Alaska, the last frontier. So when a job opened up as the Medical Director of the Kodiak Area Native Association, he jumped at the opportunity! Dr. Hlavinka stayed as the Medical Director for six years. There he did it all, delivering babies, performing surgeries, staffing the ER and hospital. He coordinated village health care and assisted in medical evacuations out of the rural areas to Anchorage. Though Dr. Hlavinka loved his time in Alaska, and the beauty of the area, he decided that it was time to appreciate life in the lower 48. Dr. Hlavinka moved in Nampa, Idaho in 1992 and joined Saltzer Medical Group. He has participated as director of a local nursing home and mental health center. He has competed in multiple endurance events running and cycling. He has been a fitness instructor at local gyms. Dr. Hlavinka and his wife have five children, two sons, and three daughters. He loves gardening, fitness and photography. Dr. Hlavinka is a very talented individual and one of his greatest talents is photography. He is forever in pursuit of his next photograph while hiking, biking, and kayaking. Dr. Hlavinka thinks of his patients as extended family. He continues to practice fulltime adolescent and adult medicine.