Patient Benefits

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Why Choose IDID

When you choose an independent physician, you have a doctor who’s free to choose the highest quality and most affordable options for your care. We believe the market in Idaho should remain free to explore all the best, most affordable, and personal healthcare choices for the patients of Idaho.

Big Hospital Culture Affects Physician Productivity

Contrary to marketing claims, giant medical corporations in Idaho do not employ all the “best” providers, are not providing cost savings for your personal medical care, and most importantly that the “quality” of your personal healthcare is not improved by layers of administrative policy.

Freedom to Choose What's Best for You

As independent physicians, we have the freedom to diagnose and treat without a hospital system that would attempt to come between our patients and us. We believe it is essential that doctors and their patients should be allowed the freedom to choose the highest quality and most affordable options for their care. Keeping our patients healthy and out of the hospital is the ultimate goal of the Independent Doctors of Idaho.

Is Your Doctor Independent?

IDID is a new and growing organization, and we will continue to add doctors and practices regularly. If you prefer to see a doctor who owns their own practice… Look for the IDID sticker in your doctor’s window or ask your doctor if he or she is independent.

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The physicians, specialists and facilities that have partnered with the Independent Doctors of Idaho Health Insurance plans are dedicated to their patients’ health care.

IDID Patient Benefits

IDID along with their partner, Blue Cross of Idaho are teaming up to reduce costs and launch the best healthcare for their patients and the community

  • IDID believes that our patients should enjoy a high degree of control over their health care, including selecting their physicians and the healthcare facilities
  • IDID believes patients should have knowledge of the most affordable and efficient options
  • IDID believes that informed patients are optimally positioned to make intelligent choices
  • IDID physicians own their practices so we are free to join our patients in choosing their best health care options independent of potentially conflicting interests
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Independent Doctors of Idaho say enough is enough, it’s time to take charge of health care costs in our community.